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$225 sewer camera inspection & location

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Sewer camera inspections are a big part of maintaining sewer lines. By investing in an in-depth view of a home or business property sewer pipe, our customers can avoid emergencies, prepare for possible repairs, and address blockages before problems turn into major damage.

MVP Rooter specializes in all sewer drain repairs and diagnosis by offering expert sewer camera inspections anywhere in San Diego.

What is a Sewer Camera Inspection?

MVP uses High-Definition waterproof sewer equipment to carefully examine the interior pipe walls and drain lines. In real-time, our team can diagnose the causes of frequent backups, blockages, and the overall condition of the drain line. We use sewer camera inspections to assess potential problems and make proper repairs, such as hydro jetting to descale and remove roots or pipelining for severely damaged or broken lines.  

When to Perform a Sewer Camera Inspection

Typically, property owners choose to go with a sewer camera inspection when the line is already backed up or experiencing issues. While it is integral to proper diagnosis, inspecting the line can be done proactively to avoid problems in the future, as well.

  • Older Properties – As homes and businesses age, so do the pipes underground. Many older properties have cast iron or clay material sewer pipes. While these are durable materials, over time they easily break down due to poor maintenance, tree roots, and natural shifting of the earth. Both clay and cast iron drain lines allow for easy root intrusion through small cracks or seams in the pipes. It is wise to invest in a sewer camera inspection if the home has not had any pipe replacements and is older than 30 years.


  • Frequent Blockages – Sewer lines will back up from time to time through normal use. However, if the drains have frequent problems, it indicates a much larger issue, such as roots or broken lines. A sewer camera inspection can help to diagnose the cause and allow our team to take the best course of action.

Sewer Camera
  • Large Trees – Tree roots are one of the most common reasons sewer lines break causing backups. Tree roots grow towards the organic materials found in sewer lines and seek moisture inside the pipe. They can find their way in through even small cracks and continue to grow once inside the pipe. Tree roots are damaging to all drain lines and should be removed by licensed specialists. If the line is full of roots but mostly intact, a hydro jetting service can restore the flow. However, if they have broken through the line, a more permanent repair can be made using epoxy pipelining.


  • New Home Purchase – MVP Rooter recommends performing a sewer camera inspection on any property before making a purchase. New home inspections only assess visual components of a home’s plumbing system and sewer lines are often overlooked. Potential issues may be lurking in the drain line and can cause major problems down the road. By inspecting the line, new homeowners can make an informed decision and prepare for any future repair costs.


  • Before Heavy Rains – Sewer camera inspections can be used to assess the condition of the area and landscaping drains on residential and commercial properties. If area drains are clogged with debris, rocks, dirt, or other elements, they will overflow during heavy storms. MVP can inspect the line prior to the rainy season to determine if it needs a hydro jetting service.

MVP Rooter Sewer Camera Inspection Solutions

Our team is trained in solving even the toughest sewer pipe obstructions. We can help to save money through cost-effective solutions such as hydro jetting and pipelining.  

Need to speak with a plumber? Call MVP Rooter for 24/7 emergency service and our team will arrive on time. We never charge extra for weekends or holidays, and we provide the best recommendations to keep your sewer lines clear with a service to fit your budget.


When you want the best plumbing service in SAN DIEGO County, make sure you call MVP Rooter & schedule your free estimate.

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