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In older properties, sewer lines are typically cast iron or clay pipe. Over time, the materials can deteriorate, as well as break down due to root intrusion and poor maintenance.

Clay and cast iron are most susceptible to roots intruding into the line. They grow towards moisture and the nutrients found in sewer pipes, finding their way through small seams and causing further damage and large breaks.

While many home and business owners think they have to replace the sewer drain, there is a more cost-effective solution.

The first step in diagnosing frequent backups and problem drain lines is a sewer camera inspection. We will view the condition of the line, the cause of the problem, and recommend an ideal and long-lasting solution with pipelining.

What is Pipelining?

Pipelining uses an epoxy resin and catalyst to saturate a felt liner that will become a brand-new pipe. It is a form of rehabilitation of the line, more cost-effective than replacement.

The liner is inserted into the old and damaged line and molded to the interior of the sewer drain with an inflatable bladder. The liner is left to cure in place and what is left is a durable structural pipe that will guard against future root intrusion. Pipelining has a life expectancy of more than 50 years.

With pipelining, MVP Rooter can repair entire sewer lines or only small damaged sections. It has many benefits that will help both residential and commercial customers.  

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Pipelining Benefits

Trenchless Repair – Pipelining is inserted into the old pipe, so there is no need for excavation. This makes it ideal for properties with extensive landscaping or concrete.

Reduced Waste – With traditional dig-ups and replacements, there are excess materials that will end up in landfills. Pipelining is environmentally safe and reduces the need to remove the damaged sewer pipe.

Eliminate Utility Line Damage – With trenchless repairs, there is no possibility of cutting into utility lines, such as gas or water.

Small Section Repairs – Pipelining is incredibly versatile in its repair capabilities. For many damaged sewer pipes, the problem is far into the line and only a small hole or break. Pipelining can help save money by repairing only the damaged section. For home and business owners wanting to rehabilitate the entire line, pipelining is an ideal solution as well.

Quick Repair – Pipelining is a quick repair option. Without the need to dig and replace the sewer line, rehabilitating the pipe can be performed in one day. We can ensure your services are restored without downtime and get your home and business up and running in no time.

Pipelining services are fast, minimally intrusive, cost-effective, and ideal in many sewer line repair situations. Whether roots or age have caused breaks or missing sections, MVP Rooter can help you to save money.

Need to speak with a plumber? Call MVP Rooter. We specialize in pipelining throughout San Diego to deliver a cost-effective and permanent solution to our residential and commercial customers.


When you want the best plumbing service in SAN DIEGO County, make sure you call MVP Rooter & schedule your free estimate.

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