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Let the Experts Unclog Your Sewer or Drain

When you need professional drain cleaning anywhere in San Diego, you can trust the team at MVP Rooter. With more than a decade of experience in clearing even the most challenging drain blockages, we have the perfect solution for your needs and budget.


Common drain clogs can happen due to normal use and poor maintenance, our experts will diagnose the cause and choose the most effective method to clean the pipe thoroughly. Before using harmful drain cleaning chemicals, contact the specialists at MVP Rooter Plumbing.


Drain blockages should be cleared by licensed plumbers. We offer emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help restore your services when they happen.


Common Drain Back-ups

  • Main Sewer Drain – Roots, hard scale buildup, grease and sludge, and broken pipes lead to main sewer drain clogs. Our team will assess the problem and use a professional drain snake to clear the line. If the line is full of roots, or hard blockages, we can perform a sewer camera inspection to determine the next steps. With Proper diagnosis, we can recommend repair options including hydro jetting or pipelining.  

  • Kitchen Drain – Grease, fats, and oils are the most common clogging agents in kitchen sink drains. Professional kitchen snaking is the first step, but hydro jetting can dissolve years of grease in residential and commercial drains.  

  • Laundry Drain – Detergent and softener can cause clogs in laundry lines. We will safely snake the drain line to help protect and save your pipes from damage.  

  • Area Drain – Southern California rain can wreak havoc on areas, landscaping, and drains. If they are clogged before heavy rains arrive, they can overflow and cause water damage to your home or business.

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  • Toilet Drain – A professional auger is the best way to clear a common toilet clog. Improper use of plungers can weaken toilet seals and cause leaks.

  • Bathroom Sink Drain – Common lavatory sink clogs are due to soap products, hair from grooming, and objects falling in the line. Prevent buildup by running hot water and grooming away from the sink. If a priceless piece of jewelry has fallen into the drain, stop using water immediately and call MVP Rooter Plumbing to help retrieve the item.  

  • Shower and Tub Drain – Hair buildup is the biggest cause of shower and tub blockages. As it buildups up in the line, it can cause excess pressure and leaking pipes. Our team will safely remove hair from the line and help you avoid future backups.  





Frequent Use and Heavy Buildup in Kitchen and Main Sewer

Drains – Hydro Jetting Solutions

For roots or heavy scale, grease, and sludge buildup, hydro jetting is the most effective method to ensure proper drain cleaning. San Diego home and business owners can trust the team at MVP Rooter to properly assess the cause of drain blockages and perform a safe and professional cleaning.

Maintain Your Pipes in Good Condition

Don’t put off backed-up drains! Clogged pipes are often indications of other major problems, including broken drains, or roots within the pipes. Avoiding these signs may result in expensive repairs and replacement services that no property owner would want to face.

Need To Speak With A Plumber? Call MVP Rooter for 24/7 emergency service. Our uniformed Plumber will arrive at your home or business on time and prepared for your drain cleaning. There is no extra charge for overtime, weekends, or holidays.


When you want the best plumbing service in SAN DIEGO County, make sure you call MVP Rooter & schedule your free estimate.

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