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Drain Cleaning

This is our Specialty, That’s why our name is MVP Rooter!

Drain cleaning

Let the Experts Unclog Your Sewer or Drain

Over the years, grease, sewage, and debris can accumulate and clog your sewer and drain. You can try to snake it yourself but it’s not easy, Why try to do something that’s not your profession when you can safely have it done by our experienced plumbers? Using the latest hydro-jetting, we will flush away the buildup in no time. If you need to replace your drain pipes we can do that too!

Our professional Plumbers are certified and continuously trained to detect blockages, perform repairs, and replace or reline your sewer or drain.

Don’t wait! Call MVP Rooter at 619-638-8687 for 24/7 emergency service. Our uniformed Plumber will arrive at your home or business in an hour or two. There is no extra charge for overtime, weekends, or holidays, You’ll be glad to know that we offer special discounts to save you more money. We offer $79 Drain Cleaning Special.

You Can Also Hydro-Jet Drains

With intense streams of water, our hydro-jetting services can effectively clear most clogs from your pipes. Hydro-jetting allows the clog to disintegrate and flow down the pipe without causing any damage to the pipe. Feel free to call us if you have any questions.

Maintain Your Pipes in Good Condition

Don’t put off backed up drains! Clogged pipes are often indications of other major problems, including broken drain, splits, or roots within the pipes. Avoiding these signs may result in expensive repairs and replacement services that no property owner would want to face.
Using our Hydro-Jetter and Sewer video camera, we can zero in on the real problem and provide the right solution for your property. Rest assured, no matter what the problem is with your drains, We can fix it.

Pipelining Services Can Help You Save Money

Sometimes your drains are damaged so much that you need to repair the pipe, Roots are also known to break the sewer drain lines that are underground and eventually your drain pipe will need to be repaired. With our Trenchless Technologies, we can now give you a new drain line by lining the inside of your sewer drain without having to excavate much. Ask your plumber about Pipelining Drains.

Common Drain Back-ups

  • Main Sewer Drain
  • Kitchen Drain
  • Laundry Drain
  • Utility Sink Drain
  • Storm Drain
  • Area Drain
  • Toilet Drain
  • Bathroom Sink Drain
  • Shower Drain
  • Tub Drain

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